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Premier car dealer in NYC

When we say that we are one of the best auto leasing companies in the entire city, we aren’t messing around. NYC Car Dealer has consistently obtained the best reviews and the most return business of any auto leasing agency here. This is owed in part to the fact that we are one of those rare few companies that have other priorities than turning a good profit. While money matters to us, it will always come in second place compared to our most precious asset: you. Without our customers we would be nowhere, and we try to show you how much you mean to us by offering you some of the most amazing rates in the city. This is why you can always be sure to afford any lease car that you want right here. This is true even if you are on a very tight budget!

Financing your auto lease with us

If you are on a budget, you might be thinking of giving up hopes of getting your dream car. This is a very common occurrence for the people who aren’t our customers. As soon as you hear the prices of an auto lease in the standard car leasing company you get demotivated. This is actually very understandable, considering how hefty the rates of auto leasing are in most places in NYC. When you come to us though, we can offer you a couple of options that will definitely help you get the car that you want. Usually though, our amazing car leasing rates will more than suffice to get you on your feet and in the seat of the car.

If this isn’t going to be enough, you have one other option that we are more than happy to help you with. This is the finance option. Financing a lease is a subject that can be unfamiliar even among experienced lessees. However, at NYC Car Dealer we make sure that you have the confidence to get different options and try them out in order to get the lease car that you want. When you come to us with a particular car in mind, and you don’t have the resources to be able to get it on your own, we have the solution. We will assist you with financing your vehicle so that you will be able to get the car you have been dreaming of with as little trouble as possible.

Best customer service in NYC

To help you better understand all of our attractive car leasing deals and other terms, we have some of the best staff in NYC. All of our representatives are highly trained and will be able to offer you the best assistance anywhere. They are not like the arrogant sales staff that populate all the other car leasing companies in the city. Call us now on 718-407-6375 to experience this quality service first hand today!


Click here to view our lease specials !